Feb. 2, 2001
Dear members,
  Let's all please take the time to thank our Senators and Representatives for
securing the Rehbein property near Milaca, which we hope to be using soon for
Field Trials and Training grounds.  Following is a link to a web site
containing the names, phone numbers, email addresses to all the committee 
members.  Also included is a sample "Thank You" note, but feel free to send 
what you want.  Remember, we are going to need the help of these members
again in approving funds to be given, so that the land is turned over to the
Recreation Division within the DNR.

Link to Committee List

Dear Senator or Representative Joe Smith,
  Thank you for your efforts in regards to the Heritage Funds that made 
the purchase of the Willard Rehbein property possible. This is a tremendous
opportunity for all dog lovers and hunters to recreate and expand their sport.

Sincere Thanks,

your name
Minnesota Federation of Field Trial Clubs