Minnesota Bird Hunters Association

First and foremost, the MBHA provides an opportunity to enjoy good dog work and the camaraderie of fellow pointing dog enthusiasts. These trials provide an opportunity to prove a dog in competition. However, our focus is on the process of improving our dogs. If you have never participated in a field trial Ö. Donít worry, any member of the club will be happy to help get you started. The MBHA follows the judgment criteria of the American Bird Hunters Association (ABHA) which is fully sanctioned and recognized by the Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America (AFTCA). Therefore, ABHA trials are nationally recognized by the Field Dog Stud Book (FDSB) and any placements are recognized in the pedigree of any animal registered with the FDSB. MBHA trials and judgment criteria focus on traits that constitute the ultimate foot hunting gun dog. Judgment criteria is based on the dogís age. Age groups and judgment criteria are outlined below. This is by no means a complete accounting of the criteria by which an animal is judged. I. SHOOTING DOGS are judged on the following criteria. A. Steady to flush. Specifically, this means the dog may not move after the dog has established point. B. Ground application. Shooting dogs should posses intense desire to find birds. They should display speed, stamina, industry and independence. At the same time, their search should lead them to logical objectives where birds would likely be found. Shooting Dogs should also adjust their pace and range to be most effective for the work at hand. In other words, they should adjust to the cover. C. Handling. Shooting dogs should be quick to locate their handler and respond kindly to commands. D. Bird Finding. Keen ability to detect the presence of game, and to locate it accurately and promptly. E. Backing. Shooting dog are required to back if the situation presents itself. F. Retrieving. Placement for shooting dogs requires a retrieve. G. Other. Some additional factors in consideration of placements are: 1. Style of carriage and grace of movement. 2. Willingness to face heavy cover or other handicaps. 3. Intensity on point. 4. Handling birds at an exceptional distance. II. DERBY DOGS (Born after 1/1/00) are judged on their potential as a finished Shooting Dog. They should demonstrate: A. Speed and stamina while hunting to the course. B. Ability to locate and point birds quickly and accurately. C. Staunchness on point. Steady until flush. D. Bird sense, hunting objectives likely to hold wild birds. * Derby dogs are not required to back or retrieve. III. Puppy Judging Standards (Born after 1/1/01) Focus is on natural qualities. They should posses desire to hunt and instinct to point. They should also, show intelligence and courage in their ground application. Pups should have good conformation & style. For more information contact: Ben Berg 320-252-6585