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01-21-19 MFFTC Winter Meeting Minutes
06-12-18 MFFTC Summer Meeting Minutes
01-09-18 MFFTC Winter Meeting Minutes
06-16-17 MFFTC Summer Meeting Minutes
01-31-17 MFFTC Winter Meeting Minutes
06-14-16 MFFTC Summer Meeting Minutes
01-12-16 MFFTC Winter Meeting Minutes
06-17-15 MFFTC Summer Meeting Minutes
01-13-15 MFFTC Winter Meeting Minutes
06-17-14 MFFTC Summer Meeting Minutes
02-12-14 MFFTC Winter Meeting Minutes
06-19-13 MFFTC Summer Meeting Minutes
01-15-13 MFFTC Winter Meeting Minutes
06-06-12 MFFTC Summer Meeting Minutes
01-18-12 MFFTC Winter Meeting Minutes
06-14-11 MFFTC Summer Meeting Minutes
01-18-11 MFFTC Winter Meeting Minutes
06-15-10 MFFTC Summer Meeting Minutes
03-25-09 Legislation Alert: HF 253 and companion bill SF 7
01-30-09 Legislation Alert: H.R. 45 New Gun Control Bill in Congress
01-26-07 Legislation Alert: S.F. No. 121 - Minnesota Dog Kennel Bill
03-10-04 WMA bonding bill in the Legislature
10-08-2002 Fence completed at Four Brooks & $17,000 grant
08-17-2002 Four Brooks acquisition update
07-09-2002 DNR requests $32,000.00 for Four Brooks improvement
07-08-2001 Four Brooks Project update
07-03-2001 Four Brooks Project update
05-24-2001 Four Brooks lease is signed!
02-02-2001 Four Brooks Project update
01-28-2001 Four Brooks Project update
12-28-2000 Four Brooks Project update
12-17-2000 Pioneer Press Article "Parcel near Milaca soon will be going to the dogs"
08-18-2000 Four Brooks Project update
02-20-2000 LCMR Info
02-18-2000 Four Brooks Project update
01-20-2000 Four Brooks Project letter
01-18-2000 Discuss possibility of aquiring land for field trialing and training